Drama Workshops By Professionals
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Youth Drama Workshops / DramaLab.co.uk

 Our drama workshops are designed to be fun, varied and challenging.

Sessions for 7-11 year olds, at primary level, last for one hour and encourage teamwork, imagination and confidence. For most participants of this age, this is their first taste of drama, so fun and enjoyment are essential elements of our sessions. Enjoyment leads to confidence, which is a huge advantage to us all when performing on stage, or just living life!

We have DramaLab workshops for 11-13 year olds and 14-18 year olds. These sessions last for 90 minutes once a week during school term times.

Typically, we would begin with warm-ups and theatre games, then move on to the ‘meat’ of the workshop. This could be script work, exploring certain theatre techniques, improvisation or setting challenges to students who might work together in small groups in order to present a piece of work to the others towards the end of the workshops.

DramaLab students are monitored closely while they rehearse and are encouraged to push themselves as far as possible in terms of energy and imagination. Stage time is shared out as equally as possible, avoiding any ‘star system’.

Students regularly receive immediate feedback, which is as honest as we dare make it!



Summer School Drama Workshops / DramaLab.co.uk

Having been chosen by the London Borough of Bromley to facilitate a summer production of The Wizard of Oz, DramaLab have gone on to offer a full-time week of workshops to students at Theatre 62 (sponsored by Lloyds TSB) and also at the Millennium Forum Theatre in Derry (various sponsors) for several years.  

The most memorable DramaLab summer school was ‘Five Fantastic Days in July’ at St. Cecelia’s College in Derry where we wowed audiences with an hour long devised piece of theatre called ‘Long Road’.


Audition Coaching Workshops / DramaLab.co.uk

DramaLab personal tutorials are reserved for those who wish to audition for drama schools or university drama degrees.  

DramaLab's professional actors and directors, Richard Huw and Janice Laurie, will help students source the most dynamic material to show them at their very best.  

We have enjoyed a high success rate with DramaLab students successfully gaining places at LAMDA, RADA, The Oxford School of Acting, GSA, East15 and Arts Ed.  

 Tuition fees are £30 per hour 


Adult Drama Workshops / DramaLab.co.uk

On a non-regular basis, DramaLab have organised adult weekend workshops over 2 days at Theatre 62 and also for the W.I. in Surrey.

These have ranged from acting techniques to Shakespeare.

Occasionally we will offer a 2 hour workshop on a Friday evening also.


Corporate Training Workshops / DramaLab.co.uk

In alliance with Gainsborough Training Company DramaLab's speciality is focussing on confidence building, presentation skills, networking and team building sessions for those in the corporate workplace such as banks, design companies etc.

Give your company the positive, dynamic and confident team it deserves!


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